JGADV did some video production work for Youtube channel "A La Carte • Travel Films", a walking video of Havana, the result can be seen on Youtube on the following link:


Lately has been working on several small shoots for Lime Factory on promotional product projects, see here some of the results:

Visual art runs in my family, as most of you know, this website layout was created by my cousin Gunter Gielen ( My sister has always been a great artist in my family and recently she started her own website as well, you can find out all about her on the link below.

I went on one of the last cruises that the Oriana did before being sold to Chinese owners!

Day 1: recently contributed to, we all know about people trying to scam tourists but this website combines all the stories into 1 site, feel free to check it out when going on your next trip. did some videowork for Aproplan

See the result here:

And here:



JGADV video production work is online at the following links:

Rome -

Pompei -

JGADV did some video production work for 2 Youtube channels, they were walking videos in Pompei, Rome, Ajaccio, Olbia and Valletta, the results can be seen on Youtube on the following links:

A cruise on P&O cruises Oceana in the Mediterranean Sea in April 2019.

Day 1: