JGADV recently did some interior design photography at the Ellis Gourmet burger restaurant at Leopold De Waelplaats in Antwerp Belgium. The interior design and construction was done by Alkon and One Visual Voice is responsible for marketing and website articles.

Website of Ellis Gourmet Burger :

Thursday 14-9-2017 :


Dover and surrounding area combined with Zeebrugge the next day : August 2017

Day 1 :


Monday 14-8-2017 :


This is the story of the men and their ship called HMS Vindictive, the action they undertook in 1918.

JGADV participates regularly in photography competitions :

Photo 1 is the one that was sent in for the Trinity House Lighthouse Photo Competition 2018.

REPORT SCANDINAVIA : photographic project in May-June 2017


DAY 1 : 29/5/2017


JGADV has worked twice lately for the Huis van de Nederlandse Provincies in Brussels, both times happy client and nice to work with.



Since last week JGADV added the GoPro Hero5 to the equipment, this gives me even more possibilities in photography on moments when I don't have both hands free to take a few shots. The photos of LGG that were uploaded today have already been taken with the GoPro.


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