20 December 2014 :

I have been taking part in the challenges at, the levels to be reached are Popular, Skilled, Premier, Elite and All Star with the ranks 1 being the highest in each level.

So far I entered photos for the following challenges :

Sunrises and Sunsets - Skilled level - rank 14

Motion and Movement - Skilled level - rank 20

Ik heb deelgenomen aan de Fotowedstrijd van "De Morgen" met deze 5 werken.


Info op :



This time we just went to JB (Johor Bahru) for 2 days to get out for a while, we arrived at the Checkpoint in Woodlands around 12.00 on 26 September 2014 and by 14.00 we were shopping in the shopping centre at the exit of the checkpoint, after a bit of shopping we went to the Amansari City Centre hotel to check in and after a little rest we wanted to see the Glass Temple in JB wich is at walkin

I try to enter as many photos as possible to competitions, here in Singapore I enter a photo every week to 'The Big Picture Contest' (, last week I entered photo 3 under the theme 'Everyday' and this week I entered photo 2 under the theme 'Hip & Happening', so far no good results

Malaysia 28 June - 1 July 2014 :


28-6-2014 : Saturday

Since we moved to Singapore there have off course been a few changes in my equipment because I could not take everything with me, the biggest change is that I don't have my own car here so we rely on public transport mostly and taxi from time to time. My iMac I was able to take with me but I didn't take my older cameras with me to Singapore.


10-13 April 2014 :

The album about our trip to Singapore in November 2013 is finally online, this was a 10 days trip but at the moment we are living in Singapore since we moved here in February 2014.

I started an everyday life in Singapore photo-album in the album section and here I will blog from time to time :

My girlfriend and I are moving to a new home shortly, this time it's a bit more spectacular than usual because we are moving from our home in Belgium to Singapore at the other side of the globe. We are going to live in Singapore for at least a few years, the website will stay active and up to date.