Terneuzen, Breskens, Vlissingen, Westkapelle & Haamstede : 9-4-2016


Calais & Bruges daytrip : 26 March 2016

It is no secret that JGADV shows photos from around the world, just to give you an idea I have added this blogpost with the travelmap. You will see that the photos on this website were made around the world from UK to Egypt and China to New York.


JGADV participated again in the Sony World Photography Awards for 2016 with the photos 1, 2 & 3 shown here. None of the photos was selected this year.

Photo 4 is the one that I sent in for the Trinity House Lighthouse Photo Competition 2016.

Photo 5 is the one that I sent in for the Trinity House Lighthouse Photo Competition 2017.

JGADV is actively participating in National Geographic - your shot, anyone interested can visit below link and search for my portfolio under my name : Jochen Gielen.

Have fun !!!


JGADV has received the Micro Drone 2.0 from Extreme Fliers in order to test it out, learn to control it and shoot as many photos and videos as possible.

The first result is seen in the album Drone shots 2016.


Photo 1 : Micro Drone 2.0

Photo 2 : A photo of my house taken in 1981 from a helicopter, this was the starting point for my first drone flight

As the first Blog about my participations in is getting a bit long I have started a new list, I am now also on the level of Champion.

See the challenges I am participating in :

All about the Eyes - Elite level - rank 462 - total 807 votes

Where I live - Premier level - rank 186 - total 592 votes

​Because of a new regulation in Egypt we are forced to move back to Belgium until some documents have been requested, processed and approved by the Egyptian Government.


Please all have a look at this and share as much as possible, we are grateful for any donations how small they may be. On behalf of Gingy & Smoky, Thank you very much.

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