Since we moved to Singapore there have off course been a few changes in my equipment because I could not take everything with me, the biggest change is that I don't have my own car here so we rely on public transport mostly and taxi from time to time. My iMac I was able to take with me but I didn't take my older cameras with me to Singapore.


10-13 April 2014 :

The album about our trip to Singapore in November 2013 is finally online, this was a 10 days trip but at the moment we are living in Singapore since we moved here in February 2014.

I started an everyday life in Singapore photo-album in the album section and here I will blog from time to time :

My girlfriend and I are moving to a new home shortly, this time it's a bit more spectacular than usual because we are moving from our home in Belgium to Singapore at the other side of the globe. We are going to live in Singapore for at least a few years, the website will stay active and up to date.


3-11-2013 :


A bit of news about the website :

The albums about Armenia, Antwerp and New York are under construction so they will follow soon, meanwhile we 're also going to Singapore next month, we 'll take the Airbus A380 of Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Singapore and back.

When I was looking at some older albums I realised that none of my photos of New York I made in 2008 were posted on my website so I selected some for an album, you can find it under the tab "albums".

Last Sunday 27-10-2013 we were invited onboard the river cruiseship MS Rhein Prinzessin in Antwerp, because Antwerp is about an hour drive from home we decided to visit some other things nearby first, unfortunately the weather was cold and windy so we went for lunch in the bar of the MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom) and then to the Red Star Line museum for wich I had a reservation.

Armenia :

5-9-2013 :

The start of a new trip, this time I was at Brussels Airport check-in around 18.00 for a flight with Austrian Airlines from Brussels to Vienna and connecting true to Yerevan in Armenia where we arrived around 03.30 at night, so the bus took us straight to the hotel to get some sleep.

6-9-2013 :

I decided to go with the flow and create my own Aztec code for this website.

Here it is.