My Photo was selected to be Digitally showcased as part of the "My Favorite Shots" exhibition at Xpozer's New Gallery located at Caballero Fabriek, The Hage, Netherlands

This photo by JGADV was selected to feature in the article names "42 Shots to the Beat of the City", follow this link to view the complete article :



See the challenges I am participating in :

Big Nature - Skilled level - rank 4 - total 596 votes

Amazing Architecture - Elite level - rank 198 - total 602 votes

Night Life - Skilled level - rank 55 - total 395 votes - photo 2 will be Digitally showcased in the "Nightlife" exhibition at the "New Moment" gallery in Belgrade, Serbia.


See the challenges I am participating in :

Animal Close-ups - Elite level - rank 331 - total 1616 votes

Birds Of A Feather - Elite level - rank 107 - total 1839 votes

Shot Indoors - Elite level - rank 596 - total 1327 votes

Sweeping Landscapes - Premier level - rank 251 - total 949 votes

Piers & Ports - Elite level - rank 379 - total 1548 votes

As the first Blog about my participations in is getting a bit long I have started a new list, I am now also on the level of Champion.

See the challenges I am participating in :

All about the Eyes - Elite level - rank 462 - total 807 votes

Where I live - Premier level - rank 186 - total 592 votes

I have been taking part in the challenges at, the levels to be reached are Popular, Skilled, Premier, Elite and All Star with the ranks 1 being the highest in each level.

So far I entered photos for the following challenges :

Sunrises and Sunsets - Skilled level - rank 14

Motion and Movement - Skilled level - rank 20

I try to enter as many photos as possible to competitions, here in Singapore I enter a photo every week to 'The Big Picture Contest' (, last week I entered photo 3 under the theme 'Everyday' and this week I entered photo 2 under the theme 'Hip & Happening', so far no good results