A resume of all competitions that has participated in:

Photo 1 : The photo competition of

Photo 2 : The photo competition of P&O cruise to win an invitation the naming ceremony of their new ship Ionic

... provided some photography for the LEGO ideas movie created by David Wardle to promote his LEGO model of the Cunard cruiseship Queen Victoria, more can be seen in this youtube movie :

JGADV participates regularly in photography competitions :

Photo 1 is the one that was sent in for the Trinity House Lighthouse Photo Competition 2018.

See the challenges I am participating in :

Animal Close-ups - Elite level - rank 331 - total 1616 votes

Birds Of A Feather - Elite level - rank 107 - total 1839 votes

Shot Indoors - Elite level - rank 596 - total 1327 votes

Sweeping Landscapes - Premier level - rank 251 - total 949 votes

Piers & Ports - Elite level - rank 379 - total 1548 votes

JGADV participated again in the Sony World Photography Awards for 2016 with the photos 1, 2 & 3 shown here. None of the photos was selected this year.

Photo 4 is the one that I sent in for the Trinity House Lighthouse Photo Competition 2016.

Photo 5 is the one that I sent in for the Trinity House Lighthouse Photo Competition 2017.

As the first Blog about my participations in is getting a bit long I have started a new list, I am now also on the level of Champion.

See the challenges I am participating in :

All about the Eyes - Elite level - rank 462 - total 807 votes

Where I live - Premier level - rank 186 - total 592 votes

25-4-2015 : We arrived in Cairo yesterday as you can read in the previous blog, after a good rest to recover from the voyage we woke up and had breakfast that was already provided by my collegues the day before, then we started to unpack some basic stuff we needed and make some space to start organising everything, we had no dinner plans yet so after we settled some basic things for us and Ness

Since we moved to Singapore there have off course been a few changes in my equipment because I could not take everything with me, the biggest change is that I don't have my own car here so we rely on public transport mostly and taxi from time to time. My iMac I was able to take with me but I didn't take my older cameras with me to Singapore.


10-13 April 2014 :

Armenia :

5-9-2013 :

The start of a new trip, this time I was at Brussels Airport check-in around 18.00 for a flight with Austrian Airlines from Brussels to Vienna and connecting true to Yerevan in Armenia where we arrived around 03.30 at night, so the bus took us straight to the hotel to get some sleep.

6-9-2013 :