Batam (Indonesia)

The first part is from a short business trip in  August 2014 :

Off course even on a short 2 day business trip to Batam I take photos so here is the explanation :

We took the ferry "Golden Raider" (photos 1 and 2) from Singapore Tanah Merah ferryterminal to Nongsa in Batam where a van took us to the Montigo Resort, after a whole day of meetings we were amazed by the fantastic sunset (photos 3 and 4) and at night we could see the lights from the Singapore skyline in the distance (photo 5), the next day in the afternoon we left Batam to go back to Singapore (photo 6), on the way back we saw a lot of merchant ships anchored off Singapore (photo 7), one of them is the casinoship Leisure World that is still profitable in this part of the world (photo 8), most of the time she is anchored just outside of Singapore and people can take the ferry from Singapore to board her for one or more days relaxation and gambling, there are more of these ships out here, most of them former cruiseships or ferries, the Leisure World was built in 1969 as the Skyward for Norwegian Cruise Line and after a long career and some name changes ended up in Singapore as Leisure World were she is already serving in this manner since 1993, now she is 45 years old and counting.


Part 2 is from a 3 day trip in December 2014 that is explained in the Blog :

Photos 9-12 : Arriving from Singapore into Batam waters around Harbour Bay you can see various ships and boats anchored, docked or even wrecked in the area.

Photos 13-17 : Barelang bridge.

Photos 18-28 : The Vietnamese Refugee Camp wich is now some kind of museum domain.

Photo 29 : The view from another of the bridges along the main road.

Photos 30-34 : On the way back to Singapore we passed again trough the shipping area.