Belgium 2017


Photos 1-7 : A few lighthouses in Knokke & Heist at the Belgian coast - January 2017

Photo 8 : Sailing into Zeebrugge port on the P&O ferry "Pride of York" - January 2017

Photos 9-12 : A few GoPro shots of a small drive around Halen on a sunny Sunday afternoon - May 2017

Photos 13-20 : Some more shots of the same drive, photos 18-20 show the military graveyard in Halen, this is the result of the battle of Haelen (old spelling of the village of Halen today) in August 1914 where the brave Belgian army halted the Germans for much longer than they had anticipated, the Germans had planned to take the forts of Liege in not more than 3 days, however the Belgian army pinned the Germans donw for more than 10 days giving the rest of the army some extra time, while the Germans where still fighting in Liege they also tried to pass by Halen in order to advance to the rest of Belgium and on to France but the Belgian army had prepared to stop them at Halen, they held off the Germans long enough to give the army the time to regroup in Antwerp and later dig in near the coast, one might say that the battle of Liege and the battle of Haelen stopped the Germans from capturing France and force them to dig in to the trenches of World War 1.

Photos 21-24 : Various shots around Zeebrugge town centre - July 2017

Photos 25-26 : Cruiseship "Berlin" leaving the port of Zeebrugge - July 2017

Photos 27-32 : Oostende near the lighthouse and the Eastern side of the new harbour entrance with the HMS Vindictive memorial - July 2017

Photos 33-34 : Cruiseship "AidaPrima" leaving the port of Zeebrugge - July 2017

Photos 35-36 : The P&O ferry "Pride of York" leaving Zeebrugge for a crossing to Hull - July 2017

Photos 37-44 : Zeebrugge with some cruiseships etc. - August 2017

Photos 45-50 : Antwerp with the cruiseship Columbus in port - August 2017

Photo 51 : A rainy day in Antwerp with cruiseship Silver Wind in port - September 2017

Photos 52-55 : Zeebrugge with P&O ferry Pride of Bruges & cruiseship MSC Precioza - October 2017

Photo 56 : Sabena Boeing 707 crash memorial near Brussels Airport - Oktober 2017

Photos 57-61 : Antwerp with cruiseship Braemar in port - November 2017

Photos 62-63 : Oostende - December 2017