Cairo (Egypt)

Thursday 14-9-2017 :


For this trip I had to leave around noon to get to Brussels Airport in time, upon arrival I was informed by check-in that my Egyptair flight from Brussels to Cairo had been delayed by about 2 hours, they gave me some lunch vouchers as compensation so I had some time to kill at the airport B-terminal, easy when you have Starbucks nearby and some vouchers in your hand … and wifi!


Finally by 18.00 we were leaving Brussels behind for a 4 hour flight to Cairo on the Boeing 737-800 (SU-GCS) of Egyptair. Once fully on cruising altitude the flight attendants came with the food and drinks, I had a choice between fish or chicken so I took the chicken meal with some mango juice as drink and tea to finish off afterwards, it all tasted as good as I am used to during flights. By no wit was getting pretty dark outside so I tried to rest a bit before arrival.


After all this delay I finally arrived in Cairo and after buying a visa, passing the customs, getting my baggage, walking to the next terminal and taking the airport shuttle I was in my room by midnight, time for a nap!


Friday 15-9-2017 :


I slept a bit longer this morning and after breakfast I went back to my room for some important emails and a conference call, by 11.00 my driver picked me up and the first stop of the day was a visit to the shelters of Kareema where she takes care of the rescued streetcats of Cairo, I met the 5 cats that are planned to travel with me to Brussels on Sunday.


I left the shelter to visit one of the few places in Cairo I didn’t visit before, the Cave church, this is a kind of open air church that was carved out of the rock. The last stop of the day was Khan Al Khalili fors ome shopping and a lunch in the Naguib Mafouz restaurant before heading back to my hotel fors ome relaxing.


When it got dark outside I went to the restaurant in the main building of the hotel for an evening of good food and some drinks before going to bed.

A very short trip to Cairo to rescue streetcats and meet up with some old friends.

Saturday 16-9-2017 :


I followed the same routine this morning as I did yesterday so by 11.00 I was on my way to the Nilometer for a visit to this ancient wonder that most tourists don’t even know about, if you look it up you ‘ll be amazed! Next I had to visit the Pyramids again, even tough I visited at least 3 times before, I walked around the Pyramids and noticed that the cameldrivers and other profiteers are even worse than before but I also noticed that the tourists have come back to the site and that can only be good for Egyptians. I spent the rest of my day meeting an old friend in Maadi City Centre and another old friend in Cairo Festival City before going back to my hotel for the last night.


Sunday 17-9-2017 :


The morning of my flight started early, by 06.45 I was having breakfast and by 07.30 I had checked out and was waiting in the shuttlebus to go Cairo Airport terminal 3. Upon arrival it seemed to me that the airport service has improved slightly since I was last here 2 years ago, the lines were not extremely long and the X-ray operator actually looked at his screen and stopped the machine when there was no more room for more bags, this was not the case last time! Once inside I met up with John who checked my luggage and the 5 cats to my ticket and prepared all the paperwork, finally I could go have a seat at the gate waiting for boarding time. By 09.15 I was waiting inside gate G7 to board the Egyptait flight to Brussels.


After a short delay we finally took off around 10.45 in the Egyptair Boeing 737-800 (SU-GDE) for a 4 hour flight to Brussels. The flight was not without a “bump or two” but food was good and upon arrival in Belgium I was well rested. After a check at customs and waiting for my luggage and then the 5 cats I was checked again at exit customs for the cats and finally by 16.00 I left the airport and had left the cats in the safe hands of Roo who would take them to their final destinations in the UK.