Ireland short trip

A very short trip to Ireland


Day 1

On this occasion I needed to get a flight by Ryanair from Eindhoven airport directly to Dublin, upon arrival I went to collect my rental car by Budget car rental, they gave me a nice free upgrade so I had an easy ride from Dublin all the way to my hotel near Roche's Point, when I arrived I took a nap and after an evening stop at Roche's Point lighthouse and some take-away food I went to bed, the next day promised to be very busy.


Day 2

When I got ready my breakfast was waiting for me in the small dining room of the hotel, a nice Irish breakfast gives you enough energy to start the day. I had an appointment to visit the Old Head of Kinsale golf course as part of my assignment where I took a series of photos including some of the fantastic scenery with the lighthouse and the sea. After the assignment I stopped at Cobh, this is a small harbourtown with a rich history connected with Titanic and Lusitania, there is a dedicated Titanic museum and memorial and a pretty impressive Lusitania memorial, further east of the village you can find Titanic memorial garden wich has a great view over the bay. I went back to Roche's point now that there was still some daylight left and then went to a small restaurant near my hotel for dinner before going to bed.


Day 3

I left immediately after breakfast to make sure I had plenty of time and drove to Hook head lighthouse for a short visit, after that I went back to Dublin where I stopped at one more site for a small assignment before I went to return the car and go to the airport for my flight back to Brussels.