Kiel (Germany) - Oktober 2018

A 4-day roadtrip from Kiel to Bremerhaven (Germany) - Oktober 2018.


Day 1:

As usual the way to the destination can sometimes be pretty long so I left home early to be in Germany before the usual traffic jams started. This trip was something I 've been wanting to do for a long time but somehow never got around to. My first destination was the lighthouse of Neuland in the North OF Germany, it's located in an open area and the views are great, the drone gave me a special viewpoint on this great classic German lighthouse. Next stop was a boat that used to sow terror in the Atlantic ocean during World War 2. I 'm talking a bout a real U-boat, the U995 that has been preserved in Laboe near Kiel, this ship is still original and undamaged, it shows visitors how the U-boat crew used to live and work. From the site of the U995 and the Marine Memorial accross the street you can watch the ferries going in and out of Kiel.

By now it was late afternoon and I crossed the bay to Kiel and the Kiel Canal to visit Friedrichsort where the top of the old lighthouse has been preserved in the town centre, close to the centre there is a beach with a view on the new lighthouse and the entire bay, you can see all the way to Laboe from here. My last stop before sunset was the lighthouse of Bulk nearby where a small bay and beach are perfect to relax. I was getting a bit tired so I checked in to my hotel near Kiel to fresh up a bit after the long drives.

I had one more visit planned this evening at the Holtenau lighthouse with a view on the entrance to the Kiel Canal, I stayed there until the sun had set and went back to the hotel for a good meal and a good night.

Day 2:

After breakfast in my hotel I went to Kiel centre to visit the Kiel Maritime museum and have a view on the port of Kiel with cruise ship AidaBella and the ferries Stena Germanica and Color Fantasy in port. A sometimes forgotten relic can be found on the other side of the port in the form of a propellor that used to be on the Queen Elizebeth 2, it has been preserved here in Kiel as a memorial of the great ship. Between the port of Kiel and the entrance to the Kiel Canal there is a lovely promenade with a seabar that offers a great view on the ships sailing in and out of Kiel. By now I headed back to the Holtenau lighthouse to view the Marco Polo coming in to enter the Kiel Canal, once the ship was lined up for entry I went to the old Lebensauer bridge in order to have a view on the ship in the canal and another stop further along the canal gave me a more elevated view on the ship, this was also a great spot to fly the drone. By now it was getting dark so I went to restaurant near my hotel before going back up to my room.

Day 3:

This morning I left my hotel in Kiel to drive south and cross the Elbe river on one of the small ferries, once on the other side I went to see an unusual lighthouse at Krautsand on the bank of the river Elbe. I continued on my way to Cuxhaven with one more stop at the riverside near Balje to see the difference in design between an old classic lighthouse and its modern replacement. Once in Cuxhaven I parked at the Alte Liebe lighthouse, this is a nice area with the port for the pleasure boats and the classic lightship Elbe 1, there 's also a small port building with shops and some restaurants, a great place to hang out on the bank of the Elbe river. I had booked a place on a tourboat going to the sandbanks to view the colony of seals but due to high water that tour was cancelled and I did a harbour tour instead. I spent some time around Alte Liebe lighthouse and the small port, then I went to my local hotel to fresh up a bit and check out the view from the bay, because the restaurant in the hotel was closed outside the season I went back to Alte Liebe to find a nice restaurant around the small port. By the time I left the restaurant it was perfect for evening photography so I spent a while taking various evening shots around the area before going back to the hotel for the night.

Day 4:

The last day started rainy and cloudy, I drove south so I would get a bit closer to home along the way, my first planned stop was at Dorum where the old Obereversand lighthouse was preserved, this lighthouse was built as a pile-lighthouse in the sea, when it was decomissioned it was towed all the way to Dorum where it is now permanently anchored as a museum, however the weather was so bad that I didn't stay long. Upon arrival in Bremerhaven I went immediately to an underground parking and started my visit at the Maritime Museum, hoping that by the time I went out the weather would clear up. The museum has an impressive collection but unfortunately some parts were not open as they were redeveloping the areas. The outside collection included some interesting ships, one of them also a lightship. Next to the collection is a preserved U-boat that is part of another museum about technique. The area around the old port is nice to walk around, shop and enjoy the day, only today the weather didn't clear up and after a walk around the lighthouses and the ships in the old dock I decided it was time to go back home.