Scandinavia May-June 2017

This is the album with the photos taken on my trip to Scandinavia from late May to mid June 2017, please check the blog for more details.

Photos 1-3 : The incredible VASA museum in Stockholm (Sweden)

Photos 4-6 : Stockholm (Sweden)

Photos 7-10 : Drottningholm Palace near Stockholm (Sweden)

Photos 11-14 : Sandhammarend fyr and surrounding area (Sweden)

Photos 15-21 : Malmö (Sweden)

Photos 22-24 : The perfect area to view the famous Øresund bridge between Malmö & Copenhagen, this viewpoint is near Malmö (Sweden)

Photo 25 : The drive over the Øresund bridge

VIDEO of the drive on the Øresund bridge between Malmö & Copenhagen can be found on the Facebook page

Photos 26-47 : Copenhagen (Denmark)

Photos 48-51 : Copenhagen port with cruiseship Celebrity Eclipse and DFDS ferry Crown Seaways (Denmark)

Photos 52-53 : The drive between Copenhagen and Skagen took me over several large bridges, this is just 1 of them, a long link between 2 main islands with a small island and lighthouse in the middle (Denmark)

VIDEO of the drive over this bridge between Copenhagen and Skagen can be found on the Facebook page

Photos 54-61 : Skagen (Denmark)

Photos 62-64 : Frederikshavn (Denmark)

Photo 65 : Boarding Stena Jutlandica in Frederikshavn (Denmark)

VIDEO of boarding the Stena Jutlandica in Frederikshavn can be found on the Facebook page

Photos 66-81 : Gothenburg (Sweden)

Photo 82 : On the road between Gothenburg (Sweden) & Oslo (Norway)

Photos 83-99 : Oslo (Norway)

VIDEO of the drive up to the Galdhopiggen in Norway can be found on the Facebook page

Photos 100-103 : Photos taken on the drive from Oslo to the Galdhopiggen mountain (Norway)

Photos 104-112 : On the Galdhopiggen mountain (Norway)

Photos 113-115 : The Elveseter hotel (Norway)

Photos 116-117 : The stave church of Lom (Norway)

Photos 118-119 : The frozen landscape near Geiranger (Norway)

Photos 120-123 : The viewpoint Dalsnibba that gives people a spectacular view on Geiranger from high up on the top of the mountain (Norway)

Photos 124-141 : Geiranger (Norway)

Photos 142-148 : The drive between Geiranger and Trondheim (Norway)

Photos 149-161 : Trondheim (Norway)

Photos 162-163 : The Bua lighthouse (Sweden)

Photos 164-165 : Gothenburg airport (Sweden)